Sunday, October 29, 2017

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

This Thursday we are heading to Auckland Zoo to learn about endangered species and what we can do to help protect their environments to help them survive.

We will be boarding the buses soon after the bell so please make sure you are on time for school that day.

So far the weather forecast is for scattered showers so will go ahead but please pack a raincoat. We will keep an eye on the forecast and update you closer to the time if needed.


Please remember to bring your school uniform bucket hat everyday from this week. If you do not have a school hat they are available to purchase from the school office.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Term 3 Week 9

Welcome to Jake who has started in our class today. It is nice to have you as part of our class.

Mufti Day - This Friday we will be having a mufti day to support the Salvation Army. Please bring an item of tinned food to contribute.

Cultural and Arts show

You should have received a notice regarding the show on Friday. Please fill in the permission slip and return to me as soon as possible. Please let me know also if your child is unable to attend.

There will be two shows - one during school time and another in the evening. School will finish at normal time on this day and children who are performing in the night show will need to be back at 6pm. The show runs for approximately 2 hours.

During the show the children will be in classrooms and will only go to the hall to perform their item. Those in Peaches and Pickles classes may also be performing in these groups (please check with P&P if you are unsure).

I understand that this a late night for young children so it is absolutely fine if they are only able to do the day time show, please just let me know.

If your child is coming for the evening show I would suggest packing some food and drink for them to snack on while waiting to perform.

Please check the school newsletter for ticket sale information.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017


We had a fantastic day at MOTAT yesterday. Thanks so much to our wonderful parent helpers, we couldn't do trips like this without your support. The children had a great time and were buzzing about it this morning. They couldn't wait to tell Ailsa all about it and have been talking her ear off this morning!

Monday, August 28, 2017

Week 6

Cross Country
Well done to all the children for completing the cross country run on Thursday. Our training certainly paid off with everyone crossing the finish line with a big smile on their face. The ice block at the end was definitely well deserved.

Our trip to Motat is fast approaching. Please get your forms in asap. 

Our major focus for the rest of the term is going to be on our writing. We are learning to tune into our senses in order to include lots of details in our narratives. We are challenging ourselves to write longer stories each day. 

To assist us to write quickly we are learning to spell the words on the essential spelling lists. These are words we need to write often so it helps to be able to spell them automatically. We will have a variety of activities in class to practice these but if you would like to start learning them at home please see me for a list.

Do you have a colourful wig at home? We will need lots of colourful wigs as part of our costumes for our item at the cultural evening. Please hunt them out and bring them in if you have them. (no need to buy anything special - we will get creative if need be)

Parent meetings 
On Wednesday this week we will be holding two meetings for parents to present the results of the recent school organisation survey.
Meetings will be at 1.45pm and 7.00pm

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Week 5

Please remember to get your permission slip in as soon as possible. We are looking forward to looking at the different ways people lived and the transport they used in years gone by

We are continuing with our inquiry on movement and are really enjoying our airport and boat role-play areas.

Cross Country
We have been practicing hard and are getting really fit. Come and see us show off our running skill at Edith Hopper park on Thursday afternoon.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Week 3 Term 3

Inquiry Launch

Sadly we couldn't go on our beach walk today as the weather was not kind to us but When Mr Stilwell and Mr Winter went to see if the beach was ok for us they found something really interesting! They decided to bring all the items back for us to investigate...

It appeared there had been a shipwreck and some luggage had been left behind on the beach. We unpacked each of the 4 bags and thought about who they may have belonged to, where they had come from and why they may have left.

When we got back to class we made a pirate ship out of all the bits and pieces, it was great fun!

In the afternoon we had a visit from a Dan Godoy, Marine Scientist who showed us lots of amazing photos and told us all about the work he does to help marine animals especially sea turtles. We learned about why it is so important to try to reduce our plastic usage and make sure we put our rubbish in the bin so it doesn't find its way out to sea.

In maths we have been learning about fractions. Identfying halves and quarters of shapes and reading the symbols for these. This week we will continue with this and will learn to find half of a set by sharing objects equally.

We have had lots of great inspiration for writing from our inquiry provocation so look out for some great stories in our books this week.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Week 1 Term 3

Welcome back to term three. I hope you all had a fantastic break. It was lovely to see all the happy smiley faces of T4 this morning!

We are now half way through our year and it is really exciting to look back and see the amazing progress that each and every one of the students have made.

On Tuesday we will be celebrating 100 days at school. Stayed tuned for photos of the the activities we will do to mark this occasion.

Our inquiry this term will be based on the concept of movement. We will be looking into how and why people move from place to place around the world.

We're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo...

This Thursday we are heading to Auckland Zoo to learn about endangered species and what we can do to help protect their environments to help...